Saturday, May 14, 2011

A new wind is a blowing

Google's Blogger suffered an outage for about a day, much to my distress. I had posted the little non sequitur piece about the subliminal images I spotted, and the following day, it was gone. After a few brief paranoid thoughts about Nazi frogmen hacking into my blog, and seeing I could not access the editor, I realized that it wasn't FOX's minions who were responsible, but Google's cloudy system. I did suffer some minor P in the A losses because of the outage, and it has resulted in my doing a long overdue full back up of the blog and templates.

I am in the process of finishing a series of changes largely prompted by Ben Ellison's very gracious, and constructive suggestions. It demonstrates the fact that I am my own worst editor. In the short run, I have added a search feature that not only includes the blog, but has the option of including any links to the blog. I am close to finishing a "read more" feature, which will provide a preview paragraph, or two of the story (like Panbo). This will allow more stories to appear on the primary landing page. I am doing this outside of Blogger via some custom HTML code, and it may be a little bumpy or weird at first. It will take me about a week to re-edit all of the earlier published material into the new template format. All of the older material should look as it originally did, in theory at any rate, until they are reformatted.

I also agree the current archives are inscrutable, and awkward, and the new sidebar will display the titles of all of the stories, and rolling the cursor over a title will display a snippet  of the text. Oh scariest of all I am buying a video camera, so there will more of those newfangled moving pictures that will include my dulcet tones. My pedantic droning might be useful to put you to sleep. In the short run, the stories in process are a little constipated, but with a little digital Ex Lax help, several will pop out in the next 48 hours. Many thanks Ben, George, and Dick for all of the help and support.

As a last note, give this link a try. You should be able to look a the blog in different formats. Look for the "Sidebar" pull down menu, and try the different formats to look at the blog The "Timeslide" does a good job of providing a pretty complete site overview. Let me know what you think. Bill

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