Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is all your fault

It has come to the Installer's attention, that according to the social media mavens, twitterati, and Youtubeologists, that the written word has become passe, and you can't possibly have a good blog on the Internet that just uses old fashion words, and pictures. Apparently, according to the experts, the world has changed, andthe attention span of the public has shrunk to 14o characters. Content must be literature light, with few words, and preferably small ones at that. Maybe they are right, and I am a little out of date, or a lot out of date. So in the spirit of being hip, and having almost the web capabilities of a 58 year old, I created a little boating related Xtrnormal video which is now posted on Youtube.

 Here is the link to It is all your fault, you sunk the boat

So take that you mavens, and nattering nabobs of online content, "The Marine Installers Rant" is now sporting an online media format. Oh, and wait, is there a tweet coming in? Why yes. No doubt it is a 140 character message of great import, and here it is: "DRINK OVALTINE". Ralphie was disappointed too.

Actually I did spend the morning putting a Facebook page together for the blog, and as soon as I figure out to link to it, I will. The little cartoon was fun to make, and I will do it again, but unless I change my name to Ashton Kutcher, "No tweets for you". I love the printed word, and I'm not giving up on it.

C'est la vie