Sunday, June 9, 2013

123 TD Andrea

I'm a bit weather obsessed. No it's worse that. I'm a decent amateur meteorologist, but note I do not claim by any known standards to be a professional. I do have an impressive set of weather links and through them I have access to most of the same tools meteorologists use.

On Wednesday I'm eating lunch out and convince staff to switch one of the TV's to the Weather Channel. The morning had been warm and heavily overcast, and I was trying to decide what would become of the rest of the day. Yep the low was still in the gulf, and not appearing to be doing much. The big rain blob that was stalled a bit to the south was just starting to lift northward. I think I maybe see a little more twist in the radar image than I would have expected, but off I go to a boat condo facility. Working on the inside where it's dry has become the mandate of the day.