Saturday, September 3, 2011

When hurricanes collide, the Apocalypse

The meteorologists at the Parmain secret labs have been studying the latest NOAA weather data, and using our advanced Commodore Pet computer have modeled the latest lasgana tracks for both Lee and Katia. Our expert opinion is that these two storms will collide together right over Washington DC. We understand that Congress, in a rare bipartisan move has agreed that any sighting of the Weather Channel's Jim "Dr. Doom" Cantore checking into any 5 star hotel in the area will be the signal to immediately get out of town. Funds have been allocated to charter private Gulfstream G550 corporate jets for this purpose. Congressional staffers will be given a $75.00 travel voucher, for bus fare to Topeka. Some scientists have theorized that when the two storms meet, that it is possible that a black hole could be formed, or the state of Maryland could wash out to sea.

What's that job?

"Welcome everyone! I'm your host Larry Hokem, and this is What's that job, the game show in which contestants try to guess what job is being done. We have selected the first three players that could correctly spell the word boat, and now let's meet them."