Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Oh John, it's getting dark, there is no place to mount the light, and I'm so afraid of Zombies." Coming up next on the "Shinning Light."

The title is a little melodramatic, but there was no other place to put a spotlight.This is a nice Mainship trawler, with a soft top over the fly bridge. There is a radar mast aft, with no room because there is a Raymarine HD radar on it. The bow pulpit also has no room for a spot, and I am not a fan of putting spots on the bow anyway. The constant salt spray shortens their life, and I often see lights up there that only go up or down, or left or right, but not both. The decision was made to mount the light on the cowling of the fly bridge.

The base, and gusset are made of 1/2" white acrylic, and the platform is 3/8" acrylic, and the assembly was fabricated by Delcraft Acrylics. delcraftacrylics.com/  The platform is "in situ" attached to the gusset with #10 SS screws. It's hard to see in the picture, but the back of the platform sits on top of a small ledge that runs around the cowling. The wiring passes into the console through a small SS bulkhead fitting. The assembly looks like it came with the boat. It just goes to show, there is always a way, and now Marsha can see the Zombies while they dock in the dark.