Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blivet: 6" of chart plotter in a 4" space

This was a true greenfield project. This is Mike and Sandy's McAdaragh's shiny new Cruisers 415 MY. Mike wants a Garmin 7215 to go into the left panel, and there isn't quite enough space either in depth, or width to make it fit, or is there?  

We had a left side panel location that was both not quite wide enough, and on the right side not quite deep enough, so what's a body to do? The answer is the Garmin 7215 unit has to be lifted two inches, and some accommodation made for the small amount of extra width we need. Departing from the usual sequence of events, we will jump to show you the solution first, and then we will use Mister Peabody's "Wayback" machine to show you how it was done.