Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Signal K Kool Blog

I'd be the first to say keeping up with what's happening with the Signal K project takes real effort. The forum has nearly 170 members with 115 topics. Over 80 people, mostly IT professionals are involved in the project's site. Then there is the software repository for the thousands of volunteered programming man hours. Now add in the various Wiki's, Read Me's, and Google Doc's along with other materials. It's well organized, and moving very quickly towards the impending version one release timed to coincide with Digital Yacht's first production Signal K gateway run.  It's a small mountain of reading material, but you're going to get some help with a new blog, "Signal Kool".

Let's meet the author Adam Hyde. He has earned his serious boating chops by being an advanced crew member volunteer in the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue organization for seven years now. RCMSAR maintains 33 SAR stations which operate on a 24/7 basis covering the British Columbia coastline and some interior locations. 

In addition to this Adam has a day job, and maintains his vintage 1976 26' Tollycaft "Journey". Although he professes to not be a professional programmer his impressive SAR Tools app is used by rescue professionals around the world. He has some clever ideas on how Signal K can be used to provide better SAR resources.

Adam has a also written a safe boating app available in both the Google Play, and iTunes stores. The iPhone version also includes the SAR Tools. Although this app is focused on western Canadian waters it was useful enough in US waters that I put it on my phone.

Instructions for things like making a proper Mayday call, how to fuel safely, and man overboard procedures are a universal thing in North America and most other places. 

Through Adam's eyes you're going to get a unique and insider's ongoing look at the Signal K project. Its app developers, programmers, projects in the works, IoT applications and much more all with a touch of humor. I'm looking forward to continuing to read it.  


  1. Thanks Bill. Been looking for something "in between" regarding reading all the details vs the top level. Adam's take looks interesting...

  2. Great Bill, just subscribed Signal Kool blog!


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