Sunday, April 26, 2015

MFD SD Card Selection Guide

I wrote a recent article for Practical Sailor dealing with SD cards and their care and feeding along with a spread sheet showing by manufacturer make and model the SD cards they use. This was a mind numbing, difficult and tedious set of nuanced data to gather. Practical Sailor has graciously agreed to let me archive a copy of the spread sheets here at the Rant.  The link below the photo is to the page with two spread sheets.

The definitive guide for SD card selection for your MFD.


  1. Looks like the contents of my right cargo pocket at any time either side of launch.

    The charts are helpful because of the lack of standardization in card slots. Seriously, can you even buy a CF card these days?

  2. Thanks for fixing the chart, Bill..;-) Rhys, you can buy CF cards - they''re used in lots of cameras, particularly the "pro" kind, because they can be faster than the SD variety. Good luck finding a 2 GB SD card in the store, tho (Amazon has 'em, never fear)


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