Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trivia question of the month #1

This should be easy, this 16' cabin cruiser complete with a head is like an English Bull dog. It's so ugly only its mother would love it.

What's the name of the boat? Where did its name come from? What company originally built it?

Thanks for the photo Peter.

This photo was added after the fact. It's a Fisher-Pierce ad circa 1968 that features the Menemsha. I added some additional information in the "comments" sections


  1. Interesting gull-wing bow hatches...probably best used to quickly air-out the cuddy after someone uses the porti-potty...this boat looks like back to the future.

  2. Boston Whaler Menemsha. I had to cheat and look up where Menemsha was (Martha's Vinyard); but like most of their boats of that era, they were named after some yankee town: Nantucket, Montauk, etc. There is no mistaking that classic Whaler hull though.

  3. Good job Josh Hodges, and West Marine's Tom Watson for getting the name right, and the source of the name. The Menemsha was manufactured from 1965 to 1972, and about 200 total were built. The Boston Whaler brand was originally built by the Fisher-Pierce company. The company was sold to the CML Group in 1969, who then sold the company to The Reebok shoe company in 1989. Reebok held it until 1994 when it was sold to the Meridian Downhill Slalom company. Its current owner is Brunswick who purchased the company in 1996 for the bargain price of $27M. You can buy them for about $7K to $16k depending on condition, but you will have to haunt the internet to find one. Like Bulldog owners, Menemsha owners do love them. Josh I will email you about FLIBS.

  4. I wondered if it was a whaler when I saw the hull, but had never seen a Menemsha. A childhood friend's dad owned a Whaler Sakonnet. I used to drive by the factory off of Route 3 back in the '70s... Check out the guy peeking out of the gull wing doors! Shades, white button down shirt, and it appears to be a tie draped around his neck! The original Don Johnson!

  5. That's like a landing craft if you want to pull off an invasion of a really small island.


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