Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Boating School

The Boating School is pleased to introduce our new elective summer course schedule, and is now accepting registrations. These courses have been selected with the needs of modern boater in mind. The Boating School is dedicated to providing only the finest in boating educational instruction available anywhere.

Low cost charts, and how to get them. 
Learn how to save money by downloading nautical charts from the internet. There is a wealth of chart material available at no cost for the savvy boater that knows where to look. There are many options including seafood restaurant place mats, Google earth photographs, and on the water hotel brochures. In addition to the internet there is also used book stores, and buying old charts on Ebay or Craigslist. Our instructors will teach you how to find, and separate the ones that are probably okay, from the ones that might not be. Save big money, and enroll now.
This is a 4 credit course. Classes meet Monday mornings for six weeks. Successful completion allows enrollment in our fall semester course, "Hacking navigation chart chips for fun and profit".

Dark or light? Which rum is right for your boat?
A well stock liquor cabinet on board is an indispensable item for your vessel. The skilled mixologists from the Boating School will teach you the basics of preparing nautical adult beverages starting with the historic "Grog" of times past, up to the more contemporary drinks such as the "Cosmo", and the "Dark and Stormy". Class work will also include proper usage of the 12 volt blender, popular hang over remedy recipes, and techniques for mixing cocktails in rough seas.
This is a 3 credits course. Classes meet off campus on Friday evenings at the Old Salty Bar and Grill. 

Dealing with the officious captain. (For women only).
This is an on board course that provides training in dealing with the "know it all bossy captain". The Boating School has retained the services of under employed amateur divorced captains to assist in this valuable hands on program. The Boating School's staff will instruct you in various captain management techniques including, feigning deafness, tying rope restraints, and if needed as a last resort, the ever popular "foot sweep take down maneuver".
This is a 4 credit course, and meets on Saturdays for 4 weeks. Prerequisites are "Taser usage 101", and "Nautical jargon basics". Limit of four per class.

Nautical jargon basics.
Knowing how to talk like a real boater will give you the confidence you need to show others that you too are indeed an experienced yachtsman. Whether down on the waterfront, or just having cocktails at the club, having a good grasp of nautical jargon will help you fit in. This is a round table discussion class, and you must be at least 21 to register.
This is a 1 credit course. Classes meet on Wednesday mornings for six weeks.

The Boating
School summer lecture series.

Nautical attire do's and don'ts. Friday March 15th 8:00pm in the auditorium.

Mr. Blackgood gives answers to those difficult boating fashion questions such as "What type of chain should I get for my Atocha coin?", "Which high heeled shoes are right for teak decks?", and "What should I wear for a Poker Run?"

Paper charts, do they really work? Saturday March 30st 8:00pm in the auditorium.

Renowned sailing captain Archibald Haddock debunks the myth that paper charts really work. Listen to this experienced navigator as he explains why these rune covered documents only serve to confuse the modern boater.

The Iphone, the modern boat compass replacementTuesday April 4th 8:00pm in the auditorium.

Apple's software engineers hold a panel discussion to discuss why the Iphone's technology has made the old inaccurate magnetic compass obsolete, when contrasted with the sophistication of the Iphone's battery powered hall effect compass sensor that can talk to you.

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