Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good luck Jeremy

Jeremy has been with me for many years now. He is the son of a very old friend of mine, and I have memories of Jeremy as a little pink infant in diapers. When a younger Jeremy first started working for me, he had the nickname of "Cabin Boy". The "Cabin Boy" soon morphed into my "Helper", and now he is a good friend, and very skilled professional colleague.  

But alas, the marine electronics business is not his first choice of a profession. Although very talented, he does get seasick at the drop of a hat, and does not like the bosun's chair at all. You can see in the picture below the only time that Jeremy "White Knuckles" Johnson was in the dreaded chair, and although he completed the task, he was not a happy camper about the event.

I also can't understand why climbing into a 120 degree boat in the dead of a Florida summer, copiously sweating, while terminating tiny NMEA wires in a dark place only a contortionist would fit into, wouldn't be your job of choice, but in Jeremy's case it wasn't. For the last couple of years, Jeremy has been volunteering at Myakka River State Park, and taking all sorts of specialized courses in controlled burning, and the ilk. Last week Jeremy started his new career as a State of Florida Park Ranger. My loss, is Myakka River State Park's gain. He is a hard worker, very smart, has a tool bag full of specialized equipment. There is little difference between the RV power pedestal, and a marinas power pedestal.

So Jeremy, both Kate and I wish you the best of luck, you will do well, and there is always a 120 degree boat around for you to work in, if you change your mind.

Ranger Johnson's steely eyes survey the 38,000 acres of his new domain, and he issues his first command. "All critters shall now wear Tyvek booties to keep the woods from being tracked up by dirty paws."

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