Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you're buying marine electronics, see what Ben Ellison at Panbo has to say about it first!

We are pleased, and proud to say that we have traded links with the Panbo weblog. You will find the Panbo link to the right top of our page. Panbo is published, and written by Ben Ellison, and deals with with marine electronics, along with other nautical subjects that may tickle his fancy from time to time. Ben, is also an experienced captain, contributing editor to many prominent boating publications, and has written an impressive body of work that is far to large to list here

At Panbo, marine electronics are carefully checked out, and where possible tested under real world conditions. Below is Ben's Duffy built down east vessel the "Gizmo". It looks like a DARPA project, and is bristling with radar domes, antennas, and sensors. On a foggy Maine morning I guarantee, Ben's electronics will see you first. Panbo also has an excellent forum, with many experienced boaters actively participating. If your looking for help, this is a good place to find answers, and check out the Panbo's link lists. If you're buying marine electronics, see what Ben has to say about it first. 

Thanks Ben, and check out the Panbo site. I do.

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