Saturday, January 30, 2010

If the end of your shore power cord is cooked...........

Always check the inlet carefully. Something could be very wrong!. If you click on the lower picture, you can see the insulation has melted off, and the  wire has acquired a lovely green patina. Nice if you are a three hundred year old bronze vase, but bad if it's your boat's marine wiring. That's the neutral wire that has been fried. Once upon a time it was white. You can click on both pictures for a better view of the damage.

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  1. If the cord burns up a second time. check the whole AC system for lose connections on breakers, meters and bus bars. DO Not use Corrosion sprays on AC Shore Power cords or Inlets. [Both Marinco and Hubble do not recommend using anti-corrosion coating product on their cord sets] The anti-corrosion coatings act like varnish on the plug and cause heat build up in the connection resulting in damage to the cord set or hull inlet or can result in a fire.


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