Saturday, October 17, 2009

What it's about

The point of this blog is to relate my every day frustrations with trying to install a wide variety of marine electronics on boats of all sizes and types. It is hoped that boat builders will read these postings, have an epiphany, and make the small changes needed to make my life easier, and hence save some of my clients hard earned dollars. I am going to abide by the rule, that I will leave the offending boat builders names out of the blog, but you know who you are, and straighten up. I will also include tidbits of general boating interest, and bits of nautical fancy.

 If you have comments, agree, or disagree, I would love to get any constructive insight that is available.

As a last note, the vessel above is Doc and Jean Ehlers 44' Manta Power Cat. Doc and Jean have traveled over 10,000 miles using a full suite of Garmin gear including twin 5212's, 6' open array N2K Yanmar engine interfaces GDL30A weather module, GSD22 sounder module, and a portfolio of other systems.  
Bill Bishop - Parmain (By Hand) Boatworks

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