Saturday, April 2, 2011

Press reports of Installers demise inaccurate.

An ugly cold has sidelined me for the past ten days or so, causing the MIR presses to grind to a halt. Despite purported reports in the Weekly World News that this dire infection I acquired was caused by Bat Boy, I think it was really a result of too much fresh air, and a lack of sufficient quantities of Woodford's special reserve cold and flu disinfectant. I will have the presses started again by Monday or soonest. Tnx Bill


  1. Piney the elder helps a cold.

  2. If you mean "Pliny the elder", as in the CA barley pop, I agree, but bourbon always seems more medicinal. See I'm better already just talking about it.

  3. Good to read that you're on the mend... Blanton's has always worked for me.

    I hope to read more soon!

  4. Blanton's is another excellent choice, and at 93 proof, it is even slightly more medicinal then Woodford's. NyQuil is only 50 proof, so it hardly counts, and it doesn't taste as good.


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