Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clamp Clips, a really good idea

It never takes long to have the inevitable occur to my clothes. Boats are rife with sharp objects, but outside of the damage caused to my skin by tie wraps, there is no doubt the hose clamp is the number one destroyer of clothes. Like the scars on my hands, I have just learned to accept the fact that damage to my working wardrobe, is an odd sort of badge of honor. It's kind of like seeing a boater in scuffed up boat shoes, you know he or she really boats. That person with the shiny new looking pair, perhaps not so much. 

A local captain (Tom Gallo) asked me to say something about his clever invention. This is a really good idea, and like all good ideas, it is simple, but it has taken much effort, and many years to get simple right, and he has. 

This clever little clip snaps onto a 1/2" hose clamp band, and can then be slid over the loose end of the clamp band to restrain it. The stainless steel clip truly, and safely keeps the prong of pain from gouging you. The only other option I have ever seen is the rubber end cap. The rubber end cap works the first time as I drag across it and remove it, insuring the next time it can rip and tear into me.

The clip is placed on the hose clamp, and a screw driver is used, if needed to twist it on. The clip can then freely slide on the clamp. Push down the loose end, and slide the clip over it. Job done. You can put it on an installed hose clamp, by just loosening it a bit to snap it on, slide it over the end, and re-tightening. You can inspect the clamps and hoses at the same time, something we all don't do often enough, but should.

A package of five Clamp Clips, $3.00, a ripped Columbia shirt, $30.00, a bottle of liquid bandage, priceless. You choose. It's a shame you can't buy these at West Marine, ahem, it is really a shame you can't buy these at West Marine yet, but you can buy them online.

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  1. Heck of an idea. Ordered the 5 packs for $10. Should save some work cloths and skin! Thnx!