Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goofus and Gallant explained.

I thought doing a Goofus and Gallant themed piece was humorous, and clever, but maybe it was just a little too obscure. So as a brief footnote to the story, Goofus and Gallant was written Garry Cleveland Myers and drawn by Anni Matsick. It first appeared in 1948 in Highlights magazine. As a kid I read it whenever I was at my pediatrician's office waiting for a shot, or some other terror to occur. The short story of these two panel comics is Goofus is a jerk, and Gallant is a nice, but goody, goody two shoes kid (they are brothers you know). The story is alway the same, and goes something like, "Goofus yells at his wife to haul up the anchor." "Gallant nicely asks his wife to take the helm while he hauls up the anchor." All mothers wanted a Gallant, but there is a little Goofus in all of us. I will try to be not so clever in the future, maybe. You can zoom in with your browser to get a closer view of the strip.

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